My name is Kyle Langford, I live and work in Boston, MA and designing user interfaces and experiences is my passion. I have extensive experience in graphic design, web development, and computer animation. This is my professional website and I invite you to come take a look at my work.

Work Samples

Web Design

Discussing even shaping goals early in a project's life is vital to making sure everyone is happy and expectations are met. Not every client needs a website, look at what you need to accomplish and how you can achieve that elegantly.


Effective design begins with an idea but is realized through process. Sites should strive to create immersion and engagement with narrative and persona which is only possible with a good understanding of your objectives and content.

Designing Systems

Theming Drupal sites have taught me a lot about not just creating the look but building a bigger picture while creating a base that can scale gracefully. Performance and ease of use are also critically important as website become increasingly complex and users more demanding.

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